We must engage ourselves in a war against an enemy far more evil and destructive to life on this planet than random terrorism. The war we must win in order to survive long-term on Planet Eden is the “War Against Waste”.

At present we are wasting the future of all generations to follow. We are despoiling Planet Eden and wasting resources which God granted us to last until the end of time.

We are wasting fossil water and fossil fuels which took millions of years to develop. We strip mine and waste iron, aluminum, zinc, copper, lead, and other precious metals. We build beautiful buildings and then bulldoze them down along with the precious lumber with which they were built, on a whim. We leave our lights and heat and air-conditioning running when there is no need. We destroy and waste our forest resources. We pollute and destroy our rivers and oceans. We allow urban sprawl and blight to cover the land, replacing God’s Creation with a grid-locked wasteland.

We must stop the plunder and wage a war against the irresponsible waste of those precious resources which our children, grandchildren and all future generations will need for their very survival.

For Christians we ask that you imagine Jesus doing the following:

For Muslims we ask that you imagine Mohammed doing the following:

For Jews we ask that you imagine Moses or Noah doing the following:

For all other religions we ask that you imagine your spiritual leader doing the following:

For this exercise we will use the example of Jesus as a typical American wastrel.

1. Jesus decides to go ‘mudding’ so He buys a V-10 dually with a super-cab which gets 7 miles per gallon and spends the weekend tearing up the National Forest.

2. Jesus decides to go varmint plinking and buys a double-barrel shotgun and slaughters 200 prairie dogs, 10 foxes, 2 wolves, a cougar and then just for the fun of it fires off a round at an eagle, blowing off one of its wings.

3. Jesus decides to try to make-out with a hot chick so He rents a pent-house suite, cranks down the a/c and lights a big fire in the fireplace.

4. Jesus buys a 12 pack and as He drives down the highway and consumes the contents He tosses the cans out one by one to add to the mountains of trash already there.

5. Jesus decides to build a mall so buys a beautiful 50 acre estate with a wonderful historic home which George Washington used as his command headquarters during the American Revolution, and bulldozes the entire 50 acres. He then pushes the rubble into a pile and burns it. The mall stays in business 5 years and then goes bankrupt because Jesus sold it so that He could build an even bigger one down the Pike which caused the ruin of His first mall. But Jesus didn’t care because He had unloaded it to some bumpkins.

6. Jesus decides to go fishing, so takes His trawler out and nets thousands of fish and other sea animals including leatherback turtles and porpoises. He tosses the dead turtles and porpoises to the sharks and then catches the sharks and cuts off their fins and throws them back into the water to die. He sells the fins to His Japanese and Chinese customers.

7. Jesus decides to invite a few influential friends over for drinks and snacks so prepares a huge feast which would have fed three times as many people and after the guests have gone home he throws the leftovers away.

8. Jesus decides to make another fortune in the oil business so gives huge ‘donations’ to His cronies in Congress so that He can despoil a pristine National Wildlife Refuge.

9. Jesus invests in the military industrial complex so any time there is political chaos in any part of the Third-World He convinces the President and Congress to purchase millions of dollars worth of rockets from Him in order to blow up some mud huts and kill the peasant who resided therein.

10. Jesus goes into the school construction business and so in order to increase His profit margins decides to eliminate windows so that the children will have to spend more money on heat, air-conditioning and lighting. (Keep in mind that Jesus is a big investor in the energy business)

11. Jesus decides to go into the cattle and junk food business so buys a million acres of tropical rainforest from corrupt government officials and then bulldozes and burns the trees. He kills all the thousands of species of birds and animals His Father Created, spreads disease to the Indians so they can’t claim that they own the land and raises a thousand cows to be ground into hamburger meat.

12. Jesus goes into the toilet paper manufacturing business so gets the U.S. Forest Service to build Him a road into a virgin forest so that He can clear-cut it, bull-doze it, burn it and saturate it with herbicides to kill all of the magnolias, pecans, oaks, hickories and walnuts and then plant endless rows of pine-clones good only for the manufacture of toilet paper.

Yes, fellow Americans and citizens of the world—in order to survive on what little is still left of Planet Eden, we must wage a concerted WAR AGAINST WASTE!!!


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